Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Master of Arts in Teaching, Elementary: Certification in Grades 1-6

The Master of Arts in Teaching, Elementary Grades 1-6 program is for individuals seeking initial teacher certification. The course of study is designed to prepare exceptionally qualified teachers who are responsive to the educational needs of diverse learners at the elementary level (grades 1-6).


English  9 credits, including one literature course 
 Mathematics 9 credits, including one statistics course 
 Social Studies 9 credits, including one U.S. History course 
 Science  10 credits, including one laboratory skills course 

Transcript Analysis

A transcript analysis determines the content area prerequisites you may be required to complete in addition to MAT program course work. While an analysis can be completed when application materials are received, prior completion of the analysis allows for a quicker admissions decision. To request a transcript analysis, please email a copy of your unofficial transcript to 

Students missing no more than three prerequisites courses may be admitted conditionally to the part time program. These courses are taken outside of Loyola and must be completed by the end of the second semester. 

Students pursing the full-time pathway should have all prerequisite courses completed prior to beginning the program. 

Program Pathways

Program Outcomes

Completion of this program and appropriate licensure exams will lead to eligibility for Maryland State Department of Education Certification.