Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary Education Degree (Certification in Grades 7-12 or PK-12)

MAT - Secondary

Male teacher helping students at computerThe Master of Arts in Teaching, secondary education degree program is for individuals seeking initial teacher certification. The course of study is designed to prepare exceptionally qualified teachers who are responsive to the educational needs of diverse learners at the secondary level. Completion of this program and satisfactory scores on the Praxis CORE (or equivalent) and appropriate licensure exams will lead to Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) certification.


An undergraduate major (or 27-30 sufficient credits) in the content area in which the aspiring teaching is seeking certification (art, biology, chemistry, French, music (vocal or instrumental), physics, English, Spanish, mathematics or social studies) is required.

MAT Secondary Certification Areas (Grades 7-12)

Social studies includes majors in economics, geography, government, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology. At least 15 credits in history, including U.S. history, are required.

MAT Secondary Certification Areas (Grades PK-12)

Transcript Analysis

A transcript analysis determines the content area prerequisites you may be required to complete in addition to MAT program course work. While an analysis can be completed when application materials are received, prior completion of the analysis allows for a quicker admissions decision.

Under provisional acceptance, students who are missing up to three of the above undergraduate courses may start the program. These courses are taken outside of Loyola and must be completed by:

  • 1 course completed by the end of the first semester
  • 2-3 courses completed by the end of the second semester

Please send an official or unofficial copy of your transcripts from all two- and four-year colleges/universities you have attended to

*Restrictions may apply to those applying to the Full-Time One-Year program.

Program Pathways

Degree Requirements

The Loyola MAT in Secondary Education requires 34 credit hours.

Core Courses (12 credits)
SE 761 Introduction to Special Education (3 credits)
TE 600 Foundations of Education* (3 credits)
TE 603 Learning Sciences (3 credits)
TE 670 Teacher Research and Inquiry (3 credits)

Required Reading Courses (6 credits)
RE 733 Teaching Reading in the Content Area I (3 credits)
RE 744 Teaching Reading in the Content Area II (3 credits)

Pedagogy/ Practical Courses (16 credits)
TE 612 Secondary Methods of Teaching* (3 credits)
ET 605 Introduction to Educational Technology 

TE 6**

Methods of Teaching in the Certification Area - 604 (English), 605 (Social Studies), 606  (Science), 607 (Math) or 609 (Foreign Language), 610 (Art ), 611 (Music) (3 credits)

TE 6**

Internship I in the Certification Area (1 credit) - 645 (Art), 646 (Music), 647 (French), 648 (Spanish), 649 (English), 650 (Social Studies), 651 (Science), 652 (Mathematics) (1 credit)
TE 6** Seminar and Internship II in the Certification Area (6 credits) - 653 (English), 654 (Social Studies), 655 (Science), 656 (Mathematics), 657 (Spanish), 658 (French), 659 (Art), 660 (Music) (6 credits)

*Includes a 20-hour field experience.