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Supply Chain Management Minor

A minor in supply chain management from Loyola will prepare you to manage and coordinate the efficient, effective, and value-driven flow of products, services, and information within and among organizations. Through our industry-driven curriculum, students will gain both the knowledge and technical skills needed to improve processes and global supply chain operations by applying appropriate technology, analytical and reflective thinking, and quantitative and qualitative tools.

In addition to essential technical skills, the supply chain management minor fosters innovation, and collaboration preparing graduates to be thoughtful leaders who are ready to meet the demands of an ever-evolving global industry.

Explore our course catalogue for a full list of required courses, suggested electives, descriptions, and more.

The supply chain management minor is part of Loyola’s Information Systems, Law and Operations department

Paul Tallon, Ph.D.
Department Chair
Sellinger Hall 325

Alexander Hosseini
Program Assistant
Sellinger Hall 318

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