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Sustainability Management Major

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As a sustainability management major in Loyola’s Sellinger School of Business, you’ll examine how corporations deliver value to people, planet, and profit while creating and sustaining a competitive advantage. Guided by the Jesuit value of global ethical leadership, the sustainability management major leverages resources from multiple departments and institutes across campus to offer an innovative, interdisciplinary, and immersive experience—preparing you to make a lasting impact through the creation and growth of sustainable and responsible businesses. 

When you graduate with a degree in sustainability management from Loyola—the first of its kind in Maryland—you’ll enter a rapidly growing job market. In Baltimore and around the globe, there is an increasing demand for professionals with knowledge in sustainable development strategy in commerce, industry, government institutions, and nonprofit sectors. In addition to a curriculum focused on people and planet, Loyola’s sustainability management program provides students access to sustainability leaders from some of the world’s most innovative companies including Chevron, the Coca-Cola Company, McDonald’s Corporation, the Walt Disney Company, and more.

Why should you study sustainability management at Loyola?

Fast-Growing Field

Enter a rapidly growing job market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019, there were 1,136,000 employees in sustainability with a median annual salary of $70,530. Additionally in 2019, the Chronicle of Higher Education ranked sustainability as a top five academic major on the rise.

Door-Opening Connections

Connect with renowned thought leaders from some of the world’s most innovative companies through real life experiences, case competitions, and the Career Conversations: Sustainability Management event series and the Sustainability Management Club. During these interactive talks, guests share experiences navigating a rapidly growing job market and answer questions about the field.

Commitment to Values

Guided by Jesuit values, Loyola is uniquely positioned to offer a strong sustainability management program. The Sellinger School is committed to global ethical leadership anchored in service to the local Baltimore community, with the vision that sustainable practices can transform businesses in support of a better world.
Maryland's 1st BBA in Sustainability Management
and one of few such
programs in the country
Top 25% Nationally
Undergraduate Business Schools
U.S. News & World Report
Top 3% Nationally
Best undergraduate business
universities by salary
No. 10 Nationally
Most Innovative Schools
U.S. News & World Report

What you’ll learn 

From mastering the tools of the trade to developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, graduates of Loyola’s sustainability management program will: 

  • Master industry tools and standards to evaluate sustainability practices, risks and opportunities; 
  • Develop analytical skills to assess environmental, social, and economic risks; 
  • Understand how to build social and environmental legitimacy as a source of competitive advantage; 
  • Demonstrate complex problem-solving and critical thinking skills; and
  • Gain strong interpersonal communication skills through collaboration with classmates, professors, and community members.

Loyola sustainability management career paths 

Loyola sustainability management alumni are more than ready to be sustainability leaders in a variety of positions.

Positions in Sustainability Management

  • Sustainability Manager
  • ESG Analyst
  • CSR Analyst
  • Corporate Governance Analyst
  • Social Impact Manager
  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Trade specialist

Companies hiring sustainability professionals

  • Bank of America: Responsible Sourcing Manager
  • The Walt Disney Company: Auditor for the International Labor Standards Program
  • Green Century: Shareholder Advocacy
  • Verizon Communications: Environmental, Social and Governance Data Analytics
  • Mastercard: Manager of Social Impact
  • Edison Energy: Director of Sustainability

In addition to graduating ready to enter a variety of fields, a degree in sustainability management can prepare you for admission to Loyola’s one-year Emerging Leaders MBA program or other competitive graduate programs.

Popular courses

Global Strategy for Sustainability
MG 333
You’ll learn to critically assess the relationship between environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices and the company’s financial performance, contingent on time-horizon (short-term vs. long-term), industry, region, and cultural context. Additionally, you’ll gain applicable skills in managing tools, industry standards, and metrics to plan and evaluate sustainability strategies.
ESG Management and Sustainability Reporting
MG 410-02
The course provides an understanding of the key concepts and processes related to the management, measurement, and reporting of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues that local and global companies face. The course will help students develop their knowledge around: identifying and prioritizing material ESG issues; approaches to addressing ESG risks and opportunities; criteria for measuring ESG performance; and reporting frameworks and standards for corporate sustainability.
Environmental Economics
EC 360
Examine contemporary issues of environmental quality, natural resource allocation, and conservation from the economic perspective to develop an understanding of the history of the environmental movement and learn to analyze environmental issues using economic tools.

Explore our course catalogue for a full listing of courses, descriptions, suggested course sequences, and more.

Faculty Experts

Our sustainability management courses are taught by experts with the highest level of qualifications. Loyola faculty are teacher-scholars who are attentive to students’ ambitions and needs, and have a deep personal interest in each student’s academic success. In addition, our executives in residence bring significant industry knowledge and experience to their teaching and student advising and mentorship.

Faculty Directory

The sustainability management major is part of Loyola’s Management and Organizations Department

Dave Luvison
Department Chair
Management & Organizations Department
Executive in Residence
Sellinger Hall 418b

Debra Mitchell
Program Assistant
Sellinger Hall 418

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