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Southwest Airlines for Business Travel (SWABIZ)

Booking your business travel through Loyola University's new SWABIZ site, you will be able to take advantage of Southwest Airlines lowest fares while earning maximum Rapid Rewards credits. You can even change your itinerary and apply ticketless funds online. Reservation changes are free, and unused funds due to cancellation or change can be used toward future reservations. In addition, you will avoid the $10 - $20 per ticket agent fees charged by many travel agencies.

Air Travel Reservation

To make a reservation on SWABIZ:

  • Go to
  • Click on "Reservations"
  • Enter the Loyola Company ID (99495782), click "Continue" and begin booking your travel. You will then see "Loyola University Travel Reservations" in the heading. (Set up a new business travel account). Each reservation made through SWABIZ will receive double Rapid Rewards credits (you must enter the RR# at the end of the reservation)

To change a reservation online at SWABIZ:

  • Go to
  • Click on "Travel Center"
  • Click on "Change Reservation"
  • Enter the confirmation number and credit card holder's name. (Use of the Loyola University Procurement Card is recommended).
  • Click on "Retrieve Flight Reservation"
  • Change reservation as necessary (reservation changes are free)

To use Online Checkin to print your Boarding Pass:

  • Go to
  • Click on "Check In Online/Print Boarding Pass"
  • Enter your confirmation number and first and last name
  • Print your Boarding Pass (your connecting Boarding Pass will automatically print when you use Online Checkin)
  • Please note:  Check-in is allowed starting at 12:01 AM on the day of departure, up to one hour prior to departure

Hotel and Car Reservations

In addition to air travel, SWABIZ offers you the ability to book business hotel and car reservations online, with over 30,000 hotels and 30 rental car companies. In addition, Loyola University has negotiated special discount rates with the following rental car companies:

  • Avis  (Discount #A563100)
  • Budget (Discount #T557400)
  • Hertz  (Discount #246747)
  • National (Discount #5002341)

Follow the online access information above to make your reservations.

Rapid Rewards Program

When you book your business travel online at, you will earn credits toward future reservations. View the Rapid Rewards membership rules, or set up your Rapid Rewards and Business Traveler accounts.

Customized Business Traveler Accounts

Once you have set up your Rapid Rewards and Business Traveler accounts, SWABIZ allows you to customize your business account so that you can:

  • View travel itineraries online
  • Quickly make reservations based on travel preferences and stored trips
  • Store credit card preferences for added convenience (use of the Loyola Procurement Card is recommended).
  • Set up your Rapid Rewards account and view your account activity and Awards
  • Verify/change your account information
  • Change your password

Group Travel

As it may not be feasible to secure a large number of tickets for a single flight using the online process, it is suggested that Group Travel be booked by calling Southwest Airlines Group Travel at (800) 433-5368. All Rapid Rewards credits apply, and changes or cancellations can be made through SWABIZ. Please have your Rapid Rewards and Company ID (99495782) numbers available when ordering group tickets.

Unused Funds

To determine which confirmation numbers might have remaining funds available due to cancellation or changes:

  • Make note of the confirmation numbers for flights that might have unused funds (typically flights that were canceled or changed)
  • Click on "Travel Center" at the top of the website
  • Under the "Air" section, click on "View and Apply Ticketless Travel Funds"
  • Enter in the Loyola Company ID (99495782) and select "Continue"
  • Enter in the Confirmation Number(s) and the corresponding credit card holder's name for each reservation that you think might have unused funds
  • Note any Confirmation Numbers that still have remaining funds available

To apply unused funds to a new reservation:

  • Go to
  • Click on "Reservations"
  • Enter in the Loyola Company ID (99495782) and select "Continue"
  • Go through the steps to make a reservation
  • When you get to the page titled "Southwest Airlines Payment and Passenger Information", select "View and Apply" under the "Apply Ticketless Travel Funds" heading
  • Enter the Confirmation Number(s) and the corresponding credit card holder's name to apply the funds from previous reservations to the new reservation
  • Select "View Funds"
  • Complete the rest of the reservation
  • Note the remaining funds for each Confirmation Number

Business Travel Customer Support

Call (800) 1-FLY-SWA and reference your SWABIZ account, or call 24 Hour Support at 214-792-6800. You can also contact Michele Miller, Southwest Airlines Marketing Manager at 410-691-2801 or 860-627-0043.

At Loyola University Maryland, please contact Karen Albert at 410-617-1357 or for Loyola policy questions or concerns.

Personal or Leisure Travel

For personal or leisure travel, please continue to use This keeps your company business travel records accurate.