Loyola University Maryland

Financial Services

Debit Accounts

Loyola has two different debit accounts: Evergreen Account and Dining Advantage Account.

Evergreen Account

The Evergreen Account is a flexible spending account that is a part of the campus-wide Evergreen Card (ID). It is a pre-paid debit card that eliminates the hassle of carrying cash on campus. All purchases with the Evergreen account are subject to Maryland State Sales Tax of 6%. Deposits can be made in person at Student Administrative Services located in Maryland Hall, room 140, Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. or online.

The Evergreen account can be used at select off campus retailer locations. See the latest list of retailers.

Cash withdraws are not permitted from your Evergreen account.

When using the Evergreen Account, a PIN number is entered upon making purchases at most locations. Everyone is assigned a temporary PIN number. Prior to using the Evergreen account, the cardholder should come to SAS to pick their own personal secret number.

The card can be used to purchase goods and services at the following on campus locations:

  • Bookstore
  • Health Center
  • Information Services
  • Post Office
  • Refectory
  • Theater Box Office
  • Recreational Sports
  • Student Activities
  • Vending Machines
  • Photocopiers
  • All Food Services
  • Laundry Machines

Meal Plans and Meal Points

All residential students are required to participate in a Meal Plan.  Some meal plans include meal swipes for use in the dining halls, all meal plans include Meal Points.  Meal swipes reset either at the end of each week or each semester, depending on the plan selected.  Meal Points purchases are exempt from the 6% Maryland State Sales Tax and the points roll over from fall to spring, but are forfeited the Monday after Graduation each year.

Deposits to the Meal Points are not permitted, should the student run out of Meal Points, the Evergreen Account can be used to make purchases. 

For more detailed and up to date information on Meal Plans, please visit www.loyola.edu/mealplan

For additional information, contact Student Administrative Services at 410-617-5047.