Loyola University Maryland

Financial Services

Deduction Codes


Code Description Code Description
CF Creditor Fee L3 Lien
CS Child Support LC1-LC4 Creditor Lien
CS1 Child Support #1 LE Education Lien
CS2 Child Support #2 LF Federal Tax Lien
CS3 Child Support #2 LIF Life Insurance AD&D
DC Dependent Care Spending Account LIFC Life Insurance Cap
DC1 Dental MetLife Co Pay Single LM State Tax Lien
DC2 Dental MetLife Co Pay 2-Party LTD Long-Term Disability
DC3 Dental MetLife Co Pay Family LTDR Long-Term Disability Retirement
DLI Dependent Life Insurance PC Parking/Convenience
DM1 Dental MetLife PPO Single PK Parking Fines
DM2 Dental MetLife PPO 2-Party PPO1 Care First PPO Individual
DM3 Dental MetLife PPO Family PPO2 Care First PPO 2-Party
F2 Fidelity Sup. Ret. Ded. to Reg. % l PPO3 Care First PPO Family
F2+ Fideltiy Sup. Ded. to Reg. % All R2 TIAA Sup. Ret. Ded. Reg %
F2F Fidelity Sup. Ded. to Reg. Fixed R2+ TIAA Sup. Ret. Ded. Reg % All
F5 Fidelity Sup. Ret. Ded. SRA % R2F TIAA Sup. Ret. Ded. to Reg. Fixed
F5+ Fidelity Sup. Ret. Ded. SRA % All R5 TIAA Sup. Ret. Ded. SRA%
F5F Fidelity Sup. Ret. Ded. SRA Fixed R5+ TIAA Sup. Ret. Ded. SRA % All
FIT Fitness & Aquatic Membership R5F TIAA Sup. Ret. Ded. SRA Fixed
FRC Fidelity Required Contribution SP Stop Payment Fee
FRCF Fideltiy Required Contribution Fixed SS Spousal Support
G1 thru GZ Capital Campaign STD Short-Term Disability
GEN Genworth Long Term Care STDR Short-Term Disability Retirement
HC Health Care Spending Account TC Taxable Automobile
HDP1 Carefirst High Deductible Indiv TM Taxable Miscellaneous
HDP2 Carefirst High Deductible 2-Party TR Taxable Tuition Remission
HDP3 Carefirst High Deductible Family TRC TIAA Required Contribution
HMO1 BlueChoice HMO Individual TRCF TIAA Required Contribution Fixed
HMO2 BlueChoice HMO 2-party UW United Way (odd year)
HMO3 BlueChoice HMO Family UW2 United Way (even year)
H.S.A. Heathcare Savings Account VP1 Vision Service Plan Single
HSE1 H.S.A. Employer Contribution Indiv VP2 Vision Service Plan 2-Party
HSE2 H.S.A. Employer Contribution 2+ VP3 Vision Service Plan Family
z1 thru z9 Computer Loan