Loyola University Maryland

Financial Services

Online Employee Payroll Access

Earnings Statements, W-2 Statements, and Direct Deposit enrollment/changes are now available online for employees.

To access your payroll records:

  • Log in to inside Loyola at http://inside.loyola.edu, using your Loyola user name and password.
  • Go to the "Web Advisor" menu on the right side of your screen.
  • For Employees: Under Web Advisor for Employees expand "Employee Profile"
  • For Student Employees: Expand "Financial Information"

What is available?

  • Earnings Statements are available for the current year and two prior years.  For older copies, please place a request with the payroll office.
  • W-2 Statements starting with tax year 2012 are accessible through WebAdvisor.  From WebAdvisor, expand Employee Profile, and click on "Tax Information" then select applicable year.  For Students: use the Financial Information link.

When is my payroll data available?

  • Earnings Statements are available for viewing two business days prior to the pay date by 3pm.
  • W-2 statements are available in late January, after the W-2 process is completed for the prior calendar year. The payroll office will post a notice in Loyola Today to alert the campus community when the forms are available
  • Please consider choosing the "opt in" option so that a paper copy of your W-2 is not created. Opting in for electronic receipt of your W-2 allows us to deliver only the electronic copy of your tax form and helps us keep your personal payroll data safe. Paper W-2s are at risk of being lost or stolen in the mail and make a very tempting target for identity thieves.

Who has access?

  • All current employees; Faculty, administrators, staff and students have access to their records online.
  • Employees who terminate their employment with the University will be mailed the final Earnings Statement.  W-2 Statements for terminated employees will also be mailed the most recent address on file, regardless of whether or not they have previously "opted in."  Terminated employees should update their address with Human Resources if a move occurs after last date of employment.
  • Students who graduate or leave the University without completing their degree will have their final W-2 Statement mailed.
  • If students forsee a need for copies of Earnings Statements or W-2s it is strongly encouraged to print or save them while still employed.

Former employees:

  • Former employees now have the ability to access Self Service for 18 months after ending their employment at Loyola University Maryland.  This will allow you to retrieve your last paycheck and W2 statements electronically.  (W2’s will only be available to those who “opted in” to receiving them electronically through Self Service.)  Former employees will also be able to see their position history in order to get their official titles and dates employed. 
  • Please click on the following link for instructions on how to access Self Service For Former Employees.