Loyola University Maryland

Financial Services

Online Pay Stub Access

Direct Deposit notifications, copies of pay checks and W-2s are now available online for employees.

To access your payroll records:

  • Log in to inside Loyola at http://inside.loyola.edu, using your Loyola user name and password.
  • Go to the "Quick Links" menu on the right side of your screen.
  • Click on "Employee Payroll Records."
  • You will be promted to log in again, for security purposes. Use your Loyola user name and password for this additional log in.

What is available?

  • Pay check and direct deposit notification copies can be accessed starting with paydate 4/16/09. For older copies, please place a request with the payroll office.
  • W-2s for tax years 2008 - 2012.  For copies prior to tax year 2008, complete the Request for Duplicate W-2 and submit to the payroll office.
  • W-2s starting with tax year 2013 are accessible through WebAdvisor.  From WebAdvisor, expand Employee Profile, and click on "Tax Information" then select applicable year.

When is my payroll data available?

  • Direct deposit notifications are available for viewing as soon as the payroll office has completed the payroll; typically 10 a.m., two business days prior to the pay date.
  • Pay check copies cannot be viewed until the actual pay date. If you'd like to have access to your paydate information more quickly, please consider direct deposit.
  • W-2 copies are available in January, as soon as the W-2 process is completed for the prior calendar year. The payroll office will post a notice in Loyola Today to alert the campus community when the forms are available
  • Please consider choosing the "opt in" option so that a paper copy of your W-2 is not created. Opting in for electronic receipt of your W-2 allows us to deliver only the electronic copy of your tax form and helps us keep your personal, payroll data safe. Paper W-2s are often lost or stolen in the mail and make a very tempting target for identity thieves.

Who has access?

  • All employees; Faculty, administrators, staff and students have access to their records online.
  • Employees who terminate their employment with the University will receive a paper copy of their last direct deposit notication (or check), sent via U.S Mail.  Terminiated employees will also receive a paper copy of their last year's W-2 sent to the most recent address on file, regardless of whether or not they have previously "opted in."
  • Students who transfer or leave the University without completing their degree, will have a paper copy of their last direct deposit, sent via U.S. Mail as well as a W-2 for their final year as an employee.
  • Students who graduate will still have access to their former payroll records through the alumni site. (Go to: alumni.loyola.edu and click on "Forner Student Employee Payroll Records." Use your loyola user name and password to access your forms.)