Loyola University Maryland

Financial Services

Paycheck Delivery

Earnings Statements

Earnings Statements are available to all current employees (Students, Staff, Administrators and Faculty) from Web Advisor.

  • For employees: Expand Web Advisor for Employees --> Employee Profile --> Earnings Statements
  • For student employees: expand Financial Information --> Earnings Statements

More Information about Online Employee Payroll Access

Final earnings statements for faculty, staff, and administrators who are leaving the University will be mailed to the employee's home address.

Paper Checks

  • Undergraduate Students: Pay checks are sent to the student's mail stop for all Loyola student employees when the University is open on the pay date.  If the University is closed on the pay date, all student checks will be mailed to the address on check.
  • Graduate Students: Pay checks are sent to the student's home address, with the exception of graduate students living on campus who have been furnished with a campus mail stop. If you are a graduate student with a mailbox on campus, your check will be sent to your mail stop address.
  • Staff, Administrators and Faculty: Pay checks are sent to the employee's home address on record. To avoid the possibility of lost or delayed delivery of pay checks we strongly suggest that all employees enroll in direct deposit.