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Changing Name/Address

All students are required to provide updated permanent home address and contact information to the University on a yearly basis. Students living off campus are also required to provide their local address and cell phone information to the University according to instructions from the Office of Residence Life & Housing. This is to ensure accuracy of this information so that the University can reach students for business purposes and in cases of emergency. As outlined in the Community Standards (section 14.j.), failure to provide this information may result in the student's inability to register for classes and/or removal from registered classes, the loss of campus privileges, and/or a fine.

Home address and contact information may be submitted and/or updated using the following methods:

Loyola Self-Service

  • Current Graduate and Undergraduate Students: To verify and submit changes to permanent home address information, select Loyola Self-Service, then choose Username in the upper right corner, then User Profile.


  • Current Undergraduate Students Not Living On CampusUndergraduate students not living on campus must report if they are commuting from their permanent address or from a local address different from their permanent address. To update off-campus housing information, follow the directions provided by Residence Life & Housing and Student Conduct. Login to Inside Loyola, then select RoomRez Housing. Requirements for submitting this information are available on the off-campus housing page of the Student Conduct website.

Chosen Name

Loyola University Maryland has adopted a policy providing all members of the campus community the opportunity to use their chosen first name in records and communications that do not require the use of their legal name. The University's full Chosen Name/Legal Name Policy is available in Loyola's Community Standards.


Students may request their chosen first name be updated by the Office of the Registrar by going to Inside Loyola, Loyola Self-Service. Undergraduate students select the link entitled Undergraduate Demographic Entry and enter a new chosen first name. Graduate students select the link entitled Graduate Student Demographic Entry and enter a new chosen first name.


Employees may complete the Name Change Form, available on the Human Resources Forms webpage, to have their chosen name updated by Human Resources.


Alumni will be referred to by their chosen name that was provided during their tenure as a student. They may reach out to the Office of Alumni Engagement for changes. 


All chosen first name requests are subject to approval per the policy.


The chosen first name will be used across University systems where possible, including Class and Grading Rosters, Self-Service, and mail sent to permanent address.


Legal Name Change

A student’s legal name cannot be altered in the official student record without a copy of the legal supporting paperwork, such as driver’s license, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, or legal name change document. Under ‘Resources’ to the right click Student Forms, then under All Students, Legal Name Change. Contact the Office of the Registrar at 410-617-2263 with questions.

International Students

International students are required by Immigration Services to provide a foreign address and a local U.S. address. The foreign address is considered your home address and the U.S. address is considered your local address. If you wish to update your U.S. address, please contact the International Student Advisor in the Office of International Student Services, 410-617-5245.


All chose first name requests are s
All chose first name requests are s