Department of Management and Organizations

The Management and Organizations (M&O) department is focused on developing bold ethical leaders who can address the complex and ever-changing challenges across functional areas in a variety of organizational settings. While our courses primarily focus on for-profit businesses, the concepts also apply to nonprofits, governmental agencies, religious organizations, and social groups.

Our curriculum focuses on examining organizational phenomenon from a multi-disciplinary perspective in an effort to understand how to deliver innovative, collaborative solutions to deal with strategic, global, political, economic, socio-cultural, and environmental issues. To accomplish this, our faculty stress the importance of developing inclusive, forward-thinking leaders who can understand, anticipate and navigate such challenges and find ways to create better and more sustainable places to work across the globe.

The faculty in the Management and Organizations department are experts in their respective fields and dedicated to improving work environments by shaping business theories, industry standards, and public policies. Our faculty conduct research on leadership, organizational behavior, strategic management, sustainability, international business, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Consistent with our Jesuit values, we encourage academic excellence and constant improvement by asking students to reflect on their own experiences and those of others. We also work hard to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that challenges students to look at issues in new and creative ways and leverages the value of diverse viewpoints. Through our programs, students develop a capacity to become bold leaders, creative innovators, excellent communicators, effective collaborators, engaged citizens, champions of inclusion, and evidenced-based problem solvers.

The M&O department offers the following degree programs:

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Hung-bin Ding, Ph.D.
Department Chair
Associate Professor of Management
Sellinger Hall 418b

Debra Helstowski
Program Assistant
Sellinger Hall 418

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