Loyola University Maryland

Financial Services

Payment Options

Loyola University Maryland and Student Administrative Services are committed to assisting students and families in affording their education. You will find a number of payments options below to assist you. Please feel free to contact one of our account specialists at 410-617-5047 for more detailed information about your student account.

Paper Check Payments

For the fastest processing of your paper check please send the top remittance portion of your bill along with your check made payable to “Loyola University Maryland” to:

Loyola University Maryland
Attn: Student Administrative Services
4501 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21210

Always include your 7 digit Student ID # in the memo portion of the check and be sure to give 7-10 days for mailing and processing.

Online Payments

Loyola has partnered with Datatel to provide students with WebAdvisor, an online academic and financial software suite, which is used for many administrative functions. Through WebAdvisor two types of electronic payments can be made - E-Check or credit card.

E-Check is a fee free way to pay using a checking or savings account. A valid routing and account number is required to process the payment.

The University accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover for tuition, housing, and fee payments; a 2.5% convenience fee is assessed.

Learn more and make an online payment.

Financial Aid

Loyola maintains a very strong commitment to assisting students and parents in making a high quality private education affordable. Learn more about the financial aid application process.

Interested in a Federal Direct PLUS Loan?  Use the PLUS Loan calculator to obtain an estimate of the maximum annual amount that may be borrowed through this program. 

Student Administrative Services works with our financial aid office with the disbursement of all approved financial aid, for detailed information of how your package is incorporated with your student account please call an account specialist at 410-617-5047.


Private scholarships must be considered a resource in a student’s financial aid package. Student Administrative Services works with financial aid to incorporate them and does all the necessary billing to receive the funds. All inquiries should be made to:

Alisa Allen, Account Specialist



Third Party Payments

Third party billing is for those students whose employer or other entity will pay the tuition and fees at the beginning of the semester. All Loyola needs is the letter of commitment from them, and we will send them a bill. If the entity cannot provide a letter of commitment, this Authorization to Invoice form must be completed and submitted.  

All inquiries should be directed to:

Shantey Jackson, Account Specialist

Wire Payments

For information on making a wire payment to Loyola, please contact Student Administrative Services at sas@loyola.edu.

Payment Plans

Undergraduate Payment Plan

TMS Management Systems

$80.00 Enrollment fee.

How to budget a payment plan:

  • Add applicable items, deduct your deposit and other forms of financial aid/payments.
  • Divide this amount into 10 equal monthly payments.
  • Single Semester plans are also available.

For applications call: 1-800-722-4867

Students must enroll by August 1 for the fall semester or December 15 for spring semester. To enroll after these dates, prior approval from the University must be given.  Budget may be adjusted without prior approval until August 1 of each year. After that, you must see or call an account specialist at Loyola University Maryland for adjusting your account.

Visit TMS's website for web enrollment.

Graduate Payment Plan

In an effort to help ease the burden of paying tuition Loyola University Maryland offers various payment options for graduate students. In addition to student loans and tuition remission/reimbursement we offer the graduate payment plan. Due to the shortened time of summer semester courses, the payment plan is not available. Tuition and fees for the fall & spring semesters are broken down into 4 payments, summer semester is 3 payments and there is a $40 fee per semester. We have partnered with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to administer the graduate payment plans. To sign up online for the graduate payment plan, please visit TMS at www.afford.com/loyolagrad. If you have questions regarding the plan please feel free to contact an account specialist in SAS at 410-617-5047.

  • Purpose:  To spread the financial burden more evenly over the course of the semester. This should help in budgeting the cost of a degree or certificate program.
  • Eligibility:  All students who are enrolled in a graduate degree, certification, or certificate program and registered in at least 1 course.
  • Payment Schedule:  The payment plan is broken down into 4 payments for the fall and spring semesters due as follows: first payment is due by the 15th of the month prior to the semester beginning (August 15th for fall semesters and December 15th for spring semesters), payments 2 through 4 are due the 15th of the month for the next three consecutive months (September through November for fall semesters and January through March for spring semesters).  Summer semester payment plans are broken down into 3 payments, due May, June, and July 15th.  
  • Deadline:  The deadline to set up a graduate payment plan is the end of the first week of classes for each semester.