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General eForm Instructions

General eForm instructions are below. For more specific instructions, please select one of the following forms:


Office of the Registrar forms available electronically via Self-Service:

eForm Name Purpose of eForm
Change of Course Status:
To change section-specific information after master schedule submission.
Catalogue Course Update:
To add or update course information in the Academic Catalogue
Class Roster Verification:
To report any enrollment discrepancies on an official Loyola Self-Service class roster
Failure Report:
To provide supporting documentation for a failing final grade (F or U)
Incomplete Report: To provide supporting documentation for a grade of Incomplete
Initial Grade Assignment/
Change of Grade:
To assign or change an initial or final grade for an individual student
Midterm Deficiency Report: 

To provide supporting documentation for a deficient midterm grade (C- or below)
for undergraduate students only

Access and General Functionality:

  • Log into Inside Loyola
  • All forms are available based on the user's constituency:
    • Faculty: Loyola Self-Service > Briefcase/Daily Work icon on left side menu > Faculty > Choose form
    • Administrative Support Personnel: Employee Self-Service > Employment icon on left side menu > Employee > Choose Form 
  • For any faculty form requiring student ID numbers, retrieve student IDs from the official class roster posted on Loyola Self-Service > Faculty > click on Course Section link > Roster.
  • Any field with a label followed by an asterisk (*) is required. There is an alert when attempting to submit without a required field.
  • There is a 15 minute inactivity timeout.
  • DO NOT leave the form unfinished or unattended. This could present a security risk, as well as time-out the session, requiring re-entry of all data.
  • Exit the form to start over.

Entering data on the form:

  • Student ID (when applicable): Enter the student ID, then use the Tab key to auto-populate the student’s information, including last and first name, and middle initial; class year where applicable (for undergraduates only); and student email fields. After entering the student ID, verify that the correct student's name is displayed. If the ID is mistyped, re-enter it, and use the Tab key to repopulate the correct student information.
  • Skipping the ID field, selecting return (enter) after entering ID, or placing the cursor in another field may cause the auto-populate feature to fail and require that you manually enter the student’s name, class year (if applicable), and email.
  • Data may be entered manually in any field.

Electronic Signature (when ready to submit):

Use the Sign/Submit button and your Loyola username (email address without and password to electronically sign and date the form. A series of messages display when the Sign/Submit button is selected before the form is successfully submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

Form Submission:

  • Upon successful submission of the form, all data fields will be display only.
  • You will receive a confirmation email at your Loyola email address. The confirmation email is your receipt of successful submission, and will contain a unique tracking number and URL to a read-only copy of the completed form for reference purposes.
  • Upon submission, academic advisors, Academic Advising and Support Center personnel, and appropriate deans may have access to certain student forms via Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow) based on user permissions and responsibilities.
  • To save an electronic copy for your records, create an Outlook folder and save the email notice with the unique URL. No paper copies are available.
  • Once a form is submitted, further changes cannot be made. To void a submitted form and then submit a new form, contact the Office of the Registrar personnel listed in the confirmation email or the Office of the Registrar main line at 410-617-2263.

Exiting and Accessing another Form:


  • To complete multiple forms, after signing and submitting, refresh the browser, select "leave form" (reload) and a blank form will display.
  • To return to the Loyola Self-Service menu, select the form Close button (large red X on the right) in the form toolbar, then select Yes.
    eForms Close Button
  • The form may function differently with various browsers.