Part-Time MBA Learning Aims

The MBA program will have the following learning goals and objectives:

Effective Communication

Students will develop effective communication skills to synthesize complex business ideas.

  • Objective 1: Students will be able to effectively communicate quantitative and qualitative business concepts in a clear and concise manner in written and oral formats.
  • Objective 2: Students will be able to work and communicate effectively with diverse team members.

Analytical and Critical Thinking

Students will develop the ability to analyze complex management situations by managing information, applying qualitative and quantitative solutions, and integrating information technology to improve decision making and increase competitive advantage in an environment of rapid change.

  • Objective 1: Students will demonstrate the ability to identify analyze and solve complex business problems using quantitative methods, statistical analyses and information technology.
  • Objective 2: Students will demonstrate the ability to reflect and draw on coursework and life experiences in making managerial decisions in competitive and uncertain business environments.

Knowledge and Integration of Functional Area Content

Students will successfully apply and integrate the functional areas of business to improve strategic decision making.

  • Objective 1: Students will be able to take strategic, comprehensive, and innovative approaches in making business decisions to create value in a challenging environment..
  • Objective 2: Students will be able to integrate knowledge of the core business functions to solve complex, ambiguous and unfamiliar management problems.

Ethical Leadership

Students will demonstrate knowledge of ethical frameworks for management decision-making and leadership.

  • Objective 1: Students will demonstrate that they are ready to act based upon knowledge of legal principles, classical ethical guidelines, and social responsibility.
  • Objective 2: Students will be able to analyze organizational environments, understand and communicate the underlying social and ethical forces, determine appropriate responses, and implement solutions.
  • Objective 3: Students will be able to recognize ethical issues, propose solutions to an ethical dilemma and use ethical reasoning to justify the solutions.

Global Awareness

Students will demonstrate an appreciation of conducting business in a global environment.

  • Objective 1: Students will be able to identify factors affecting the global economy and international business, and develop a comprehensive understanding of the factors.
  • Objective 2: Students will be able to use analytical frameworks to evaluate the factors impacting the global economy and international business.
  • Objective 3: Students will be able to apply knowledge of the global economy and international business to make informed business decisions.

Loyola’s rigorous curriculum and focus on real-world business problems demanded new avenues of thought, enhanced my natural inclinations, and transformed me into an adaptable leader.

-Awais Akbar ‘08

I come from a technical background, and I have the management experience, but the Loyola MBA provided a way to blend the two.

-Martin Feinkeng ’07

All the classes I took, all the professors I learned from and all the fellow colleagues I worked with enriched my education and left me with a piece of knowledge I didn’t have before.

-Mike Barberio ‘10

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