Part-Time MBA Specializations

Loyola's part-time MBA program encourages students to customize the curriculum by aligning their course selections with personal interests and career goals. The Loyola MBA currently offers five MBA specializations in today's top industry focus areas. The following PMBA specializations are currently available:

  • Data Analytics and Digital Technologies - With the dramatic increase in the amount and types of data available to organizations today, the Data Analytics and Digital Technologies is an MBA specialization designed to give students the skills and knowledge to understand, manage and analyze data. A project-based approach helps students apply analytics to business problems and influence strategic decisions.
  • Finance - The finance MBA specialization prepares students with in-depth courses that advance the understanding of issues particular to the field of finance, including investments, portfolio management, derivative securities, capital markets, corporate finance, international finance, and financial institutions.
  • Interdisciplinary Business - The interdisciplinary business MBA specialization is for students who prefer a broad overview in a variety of business topics combining courses from all specializations. Students in this MBA track may pursue a wide range of topics or can develop their own focus to meet their specific career goals.
  • Management - The management MBA specialization allows students to develop a focus in areas such as leadership and management, managing for quality, or managing human resources. Leadership and strategic decision-making are explored to promote mastery of the management processes for organizations of all sizes.
  • Marketing - The marketing MBA specialization prepares students to master the components of marketing management. Topics include marketing principles, personal selling and sales management, consumer behavior, advertising, marketing strategy, and international marketing.
Hear from Greyhounds
Loyola’s rigorous curriculum and focus on real-world business problems demanded new avenues of thought, enhanced my natural inclinations, and transformed me into an adaptable leader.
Awais Akbar ’08
I come from a technical background, and I have the management experience, but the Loyola MBA provided a way to blend the two.
Martin Feinkeng ’07
All the classes I took, all the professors I learned from and all the fellow colleagues I worked with enriched my education and left me with a piece of knowledge I didn’t have before.
Mike Barberio ’10
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