Part Time MBA Courses for the Professional's MBA Program

Part Time MBA Specializations

The Professional’s MBA program includes four elective courses (12 credits) at the upper level. One of the four part time MBA courses is designated as an experiential elective, and the remaining three electives may used to complete a specialization track of a student's choosing. There are eight MBA specialization options to choose from.

Part Time MBA Curriculum

The PMBA is comprised of a pre-program competency, 700-level core part time MBA courses to provide breadth and depth in all functional areas of business, and a variety of 700-level electives. The Part Time MBA program consists of 48 credits. It may be completed in 42 credits by taking two available waiver exams (Applied Business Statistics and Managerial Economics).

Pre-program Competency

Math Proficiency
(online resources provided)

Core Courses

Analytical Skills:
GB 707 - Managerial Economics (3 cr.)
GB 715 - Applied Business Statistics (3 cr.)

Leadership and Communication:
GB 700 - Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (3 cr.)
GB 705 - Leading and Managing People (3 cr.)
GB 711 - Communicating in the Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business (3 cr.)

Functional Areas:
GB 701 - Operations and Supply Chain Management (3 cr.)
GB 702 - Marketing Strategy (3 cr.)
GB 703 - Financial Strategy (3 cr.)
GB 704 - Information Systems and Technology Management (3 cr.)
GB 706 - Accounting for Decision Making (3 cr.)
GB 716 - Globalization and International Management (3 cr.)


Four electives are required - electives may be chosen with no pattern or may conform to a specialization; one elective must be an experiential elective (12 cr.)

(Experiential electives can be either the International Study Tour, the Sellinger Applied Portfolio Fund Course, or a Consulting Practicum)


GB 709 - Strategic Management (3 cr.)
(This capstone course must be taken within the last 6 credits)

Loyola’s rigorous curriculum and focus on real-world business problems demanded new avenues of thought, enhanced my natural inclinations, and transformed me into an adaptable leader.

-Awais Akbar ‘08

I come from a technical background, and I have the management experience, but the Loyola MBA provided a way to blend the two.

-Martin Feinkeng ’07

All the classes I took, all the professors I learned from and all the fellow colleagues I worked with enriched my education and left me with a piece of knowledge I didn’t have before.

-Mike Barberio ‘10

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